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Acrylic effect color

Metallic acrylic paint metal colour series is rich of pigmentation very good lightfastress very adherent and indelible once dry suibable for most surfaces,metal effect.It can be used on canvas wood metal and so on.Apsis’s metal effect colors produce a mother-of-metallic effect that shimmers discreetly on bright surfaces but which gives off a metallic shine on dark backgrounds.Outstanding due to their special brilliance and shininess,which can produce unique color effect.Depending on the angle there is a gradual color-change from the color of the background to the actual shades.The darker the color of  the background,the cleaner the effect becomes.

Pearl acrylic paint,metal color series is rich of pigmentation,very good light fastness,very adhere and indeliable once dry suitable for most surfaces,metal effect,It can be used on canvas,wood metal and so on.Apsis’s pearlescent acrylic is water-soluble when wet,but dry to a water-resistant film when dry and also extremely lightfast.It is a unique range of water based acrylic colors producing a shimmering pearl effect that changes as the light strikes from different angles.